NDP bigotry, lies, on display in latest fundraising email

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Bigotry? Yes. And more. The NDP are liars. And if they’re liars, they’re probably thieves, and unethical, and immoral, and they obviously can’t be trusted.

Don’t take my word for it — that’s how they revealed themselves in their own email to me.

They can’t be too smart.

The socialists’ latest festive holiday of seasonal values and multicultural greeting (or whatever their political correctness squad demand they replace “Christmas” with this week), was hideous, as usual. They plead for money from me because they suggest that money will buy them power. They won’t allow you to spend your own money on your own health care, but to buy them the power they seek over you and your family and engineer your whole life — priceless.

Their festive greeting includes this line:

Stephen Harper has already raised millions this year from his Conservative base – a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives.

Well wah wah.

But let’s see. They think it just stinks that Harper and the Conservatives raised all that cash, yet the NDP — the socialists — want to get even more of that awful cash, for their own campaign. Weird. So cash is bad, but it’s cool if they get the cash… to fundamentally transform Canada into a socialist state. How honest. How socialist. How progressive. But hey thanks for exemplifying the progressive mindset.

NDP_LIESBut here’s more: “Stephen Harper has raised millions… from a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives.” At $1200 a pop — the legal limit? Let do math! No no don’t run away, socialists — math ain’t that bad once you grow up and need to use it!

The Conservatives do raise millions. They do an excellent job of raising cash with which to fight off the socialists hordes. They do way better than the left-wing parties. But assuming by “millions” of dollars the NDP mean at least two million, well, at $1200 per person, that amounts to 1,666 people donating the maximum legal amount. Corporations aren’t allowed to donate anything at all.

Are there even 1,666 big, rich, fat-cat executives of any kind in Canada, let alone “big oil and gas executives” in Canada? I really doubt it. Sixteen? Sure. But a hundred times that number? Nope.

But for the sake of science (again — stay with me, socialists — you’ll learn to love real science too!), let’s be more liberal (spit) with their language. Since the Conservatives will probably raise something close to $18 million this year, let’s assume by “millions” the NDP meant just five million dollars. That would be 4,167 “big oil and gas executives.” Let’s go right to the extent of their lie: at $18 million, that would mean 15,000 “big oil and gas executives.” Science is fun! Lies are not.

But this garbage email stinks-up the place in another way. Notice how the NDP display their utter contempt for oil and gas executives (whoever they are)? They used that phrase “a wealthy group of big oil and gas executives” as a term of derision. A derogatory term. A smear of oil and gas executives and Conservatives. It is meant to demean. They think it’s an insult! They are using it as an insult! They are using a group of perfectly nice Canadians as an insult — as a weapon — in their fundraising junk mail.

Why would a federal party, which hopes to govern the whole country, try to segregate and demean those whom even the NDP contend is a huge number of Canadians?

Why? Because they’re awful. They’re trying to divide our country. They are divisive people.

They’re actually trying to create a hate-on against a lawful segment of our own society — an important segment, and a successful one. Omar Khadr they love — but successful, lawful Canadians? Hate ’em! What a bizarre construct.

It’s a hate-on against people they don’t even know, much less understand. It’s a display of intolerance. They want you to despise these Canadians. Despise them because they’re successful bigotry-2013-12-23_095240people who have made good choices in their lives. Furthermore, by innuendo, they seek to have you join them in hating these nefarious “rich” “oil and gas” people in general, and those awful Canadians who work in that industry — an industry which they appear to hate in general. So they’re evangelizing, as left-wing fundamentalists.

They are clearly intolerant. And so they are also liars in this regard, because all day long they portray themselves as the tolerant ones. The compassionate ones. The inclusive ones. The ones who love the diversity. Lies, lies, lies.

They’re jealous. They’re envious. They’re hypocrites, and they’re liars. Actually, as I’ve just explained, they’re bigots.

More on that “base” lie: the Conservatives’ base is obviously not “oil and gas executives.” Again, math science shows there’s not enough of them to make for any kind of a political “base.” They don’t understand science or math, but they do know they are lying. What they’re trying to do here is make you hate Conservatives, by linking them with a group they’ve deemed despicable — the oil and gas industry employees. They want you to hate Conservatives, using people they hate as bait, because Conservatives’ ideology differs from their own.

They’re like children. They’re really just seething at the science — which is that three or four times as many Canadians support the Conservatives, compared to the lying NDP. Maybe that’s because Canadians know the NDP lie all day long. But lying about the facts, as the NDP is blatantly doing, hoping you’re so stupid you won’t ever find out about their lies, won’t change things. You’d think they’d know this by now and make actual progress.

So yeah, vote NDP! Good, positive things are sure to come of that.


  • Communist Swine

    Wow! So much projection in this article.

    But hey, that’s how projection works, right? You just accuse your opponents of doing the exact same thing you are doing, and it helps create this situation where you can just put your hands up and say “it’s a difference in ideology” or “they hate us just because our ideology differs from theirs.”

    It’s much more than a difference in ideology, however. Your ilk see no problem with exploitation, lying, demagoguery, racism, privilege. The word “Socialist hoardes” was really a giveaway – you seem to see the world much like Ayn Rand. We constantly have to be on guard against “collectivism,” right? It’s like a law of nature – you give people a couple of free things, and all of a sudden they want everything for free and think that money grows on trees. They even begin to think that they should have access to food and drinking water, right?

    When you use the whole “difference in ideology” canard, you are being extremely dishonest. You intentionally choose a word that makes it seem like this is just a difference in concept, but it has real world implications. What you want is for poor people to starve, for uninsured people to die of their illnesses, for the children of poor people to develop malnutrition and stunted mental growth, for employers to have the right to pay their employees as low of a wage as they can get away with, for businesses to have the right to discriminate based on whatever they want. When you see the real world implications of what your “ideology,” it becomes much more than some abstract notion of conservatism or ideology.

    Your “ideology” can be summed up by one sentence – “I’ve got mine; screw you!”

    Get real, hater. Believing the hateful nonsense you believe has very real consequences on your physical and mental health. If you don’t stop believing this hateful nonsense, you may force the rest of us to have to pay for your medical treatment for whatever stress-related condition develops from all of that hate – medical treatment which I’m sure you’ll refuse because it is funded by taxpayers, right?

    • JoelJohannesen

      Hi you non-“hater!” Thanks for your comments. Sorry for the delay in replying but I just got back from a mission to make people “starve” to death, and help sick people “die of their illnesses.” and making children suffer egregiously, and what not. Such a schlep! And I don’t even get paid the big union bucks to do it! But it’s all in a day’s work for “haters” like me. LOL.

      So what I get from you, aside from hating me — and my “ilk” — is that you’re totally OK with the NDP’s lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, etc.

      OK, got it.

      Signed, “hateful” “hater.”

      P.S. I noticed you lied and commented as “Vlad” in another web site of mine. In that one, you called my an “idiot!” You used a different email too. Kind of trollish. It’s ironic because you accuse me of being a troll in that one! So it’s kind of “projection-y” too, then! And downright cowardly. It really makes sense, actually. You’re a socialist fundamentalist.