CBC’s Left-Wing Sneer du Jour: Listen to CBC Reporter Say “Mitt Romney.”


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Golly I hope the left-wing mobs don’t call me a misogynist (do read that link)!

But honestly. Is she even trying? Is the left-wing animus against conservatives or capitalists so strong and systemic at that far-left, socialism-reliant media behemoth — the CBC — that even the so-called business reporter Anne Gaviola can’t manage to say the name of one of the most successful and upstanding capitalists or Republicans of our day, without sneering?

The palpable sneer in her enunciation of the name Mitt Romney is bolstered by her equally repugnant setup. In her “reporting” (no, not opining) on this takeover of clothing company Canada Goose, the state-owned CBC’s business reporter claims that “all lot of people pretty shocked to see this happening BECAUSE…” — why? Well because of this connection to Mitt Romney. But don’t worry, I’m so sure this reporting is based on what I’m sure is tons of research from a broad spectrum of, and I quote, “a lot of people”. Possibly what she means by a lot of people is just “a lot of” conservative-hating socialists at the CBC.

“…But a lot of people pretty shocked to see this happening because the company in question is Bain Capital — the private equity firm founded by none other than [sneer] Mitt Romney [/sneer].”

See, the reason people are “shocked” is not just that the Canadian company Canada Goose is being sold, it’s that it is being sold to a company founded by that dirty Republican Mitt Romney — is how I heard it.

You listen:

I’ve documented dozens and dozens of these examples of sneers — both visual and audible — by the CBC over the years, whenever they say almost any Republican’s name. Or they forgo the sneers and just come right out and straight-out call them, for example, “whacky.” In their news reporting. On a state-owned, taxpayer-funded news channel.


This is just another valid reason that state-owned media — and do say it with a sneer because YOU’RE perfectly entitled to — should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in the constitution.